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Fish Pack


PLEASE CALL 250-266-2241 for more information

Opening May 1st for the 2018 Season  

Welcome to Far West Fish Pack, the original local processor of sport caught fish in Ucluelet, B.C.  We began providing this service in the late 1990’s.  It has become very popular over time and is now a seven day per week operation which runs from May until late September. 

 Our service starts when you arrive with your catch.  Our building is located at the entrance to Ucluelet between the 2 gas stations.  You can drive your vehicle directly to the side door and unload your fish with the help of our staff.  We have plenty of room for maneuvering and unloading regardless of what type of vehicle you are driving

 We service many of the local professional charter operators who do a great job in handling fish prior to processing. 

Our friendly staff will greet you at the door, and weigh in your fish (10lb mininum) while you decide what type of service you would like.  

We will record your fishing licence numbers when you arrive.  

You can open an order with your first load of fish and continue to add to it as you complete your trip.  No need to bring your licenses again once they are on file.

Our expert cutters will then process your catch using industrial grade 5 ml bags and new generation vacuum packaging machines.  Our standard portion size is 1.5 - 2 lbs, about 3-4 servings.  If you require smaller portions, we can accommodate this.  Once your order has been processed it goes into our blast freezer until you arrive to pick it up.

If you would like some of your fish smoked or canned, we are the local depot for St Jeans Cannery and Smokehouse.  You can drop off your fish and have the finished products shipped to anywhere in the world! We will ask you to fill out the St. Jean's Processing Form. We are also the exclusive retail outlet for St. Jeans on the west coast.

When you are ready to leave for home, we will have all of your fish ready for pick up, and yes it will be your fish, the same fish you brought in.  You can arrange a pick up date and time in advance.  If you need pick up outside of our regular hours, you can request it and in most cases we can accommodate it at no extra charge.

In order to avoid shipping charges, most guests transport their own fish.  We sell airline approved coolers for transport and gel packs.  We also have available for your use, complimentary packing tape and permanent markers.


We do not pack your fish for you, airlines require you to pack your own luggage (which includes fish).

Westjet - Baggage Rules 'Seafood and Perishable Items'

Air Canada - Baggage Rules 'Dry ice, Brine or Gel packs'

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