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Far West, Maxim Technologies and Planet Clean teamed up in 2013 and the program has delivered great results for major resorts to single room B&Bs.  The focus has been on providing chlorine bleach-free laundry systems, commercial dish systems, and dispensed cleaning/sanitation systems.  Regardless of what you are cleaning, we have green products that will help you do the job cost effectively and with minimum impact on the environment.  Our product range continues to grow so download the latest product list or come in and take a look at what we can offer.

Planet Clean offers a full selection of products and equipment including a wide variety of green cleaning products designed to meet the needs of any business from Campgrounds to B&Bs and hotels to processing plants.  Additionally we are supplying microfiber floor and wall cleaning tools, carpet cleaning chemicals, brooms, mop heads and numerous other products.  Please call our office if you can't find what you are looking for on the products lists.  

We stock a great selection of green cleaning chemicals from Maxim Technologies.  This is a Canadian company who offer on-site training and WHMIS courses.  We have just about anything else you may need to make your cleaning program greener and more cost effective.  

It is important to keep your MSDS Information up to date.

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