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Caring for your catch


It is important that your fish be bled as quickly as possible i.e. as soon as they are in the boat and then placed on ice if at all possible. We ask that your fish be completely gutted and fins left on. The better condition your fish is in when it arrives, the better the end product you will receive back. 

What you will need to clean your Fish:

  • Sturdy work table or flat surface with a rinsing hose available
  • A good fillet or fish-cleaning knife
  • Cooler or container for the cleaned fish

Cleaning Fish: 

  • Insert the knife tip into the fish's belly near the anal opening and move the blade up along the belly, cutting to the head. (You can also start cutting from the head down to the anal opening.)
  • Keep the knife blade shallow so you don't puncture the intestines.
  • Spread the body open and remove all of the entrails,
  • Rinse the cavity out with a good stream of water and wash the skin.
  • Using a spoon or similar tool, scrape out the blood line along the spine
  • Repeat rinse before placing in your cooler. 
  • You can either fillet the fish yourself or have one of our pro cutters do it.  We have found in the past that unless you are very proficient with a knife, this job is best left to the pros.  Our techniques will produce the highest yield and quality possible out of each fish.  If you are going to remove the heads and have us fillet your fish, please leave the collars on so that we can hold the fish securely while filleting.